Board & Leadership Retreats

When you’re the one responsible for leading leaders into learning, the pressure can feel pretty intense.

You want someone who can challenge old ideas and address complicated issues, but without throwing people under the bus or alienating your stakeholders. By bringing me into that conversation, you’ll be providing a framework for learning that feels new and exciting, and one that creates a compelling sense of we can do this for your group. 


“It was a wonderful investment that helped us have more productive, honest discussions that will ultimately help us create a more inclusive work environment. Daniel did a great job coming into a new environment and gaining the respect of everyone in the room.”

Suggested Topics:

Making Space: Creating Inclusive Cultures


At the end of the day, it's all about organizational culture. Who we are, why we do what we do, and how we get it done are the questions that we must wrestle with as we seek to make our companies better places for everyone. So, how do we tackle such big questions?

So, What's the Plan: DEI Strategy and Goal-Setting


At some point, we've got to start talking goals, metrics, and accountability. Which areas of our organizations should we start with? Is this about hiring? Or retention? How do you make these goals something everyone owns?

Who Are We Anyway: Identifying and Articulating Our "Why"


As Simon Sinek says, "It all starts with why." Understanding who we want to be as an organization, why we do what we do, and how we want to get it done is a powerful growth catalyst, and one that many organizations are fully exercising.

The Curious Leader: How Questions Drive Growth


Answers, by definition, are the end of a journey. They're a stopping point for growth. Questions, though, carry us into and through a process of continued exploration, ideation, and development. So, how do we build a cultural model around question-asking?

Redefining Diversity & Exercising Inclusion


When we don't share a common vocabulary and set of values around the "diversity conversation" it's nearly impossible to create a shared vision about its impact. So, how do we reframe what we think we know and embrace the reality of what we don't yet know?

The Cascade Effect: Considering Access, Privilege, and Stakeholder Impact


Our societies work in certain kinds of ways - they just do. This isn't about who is working hard and who isn't; this is about understanding the kinds of systems at work in our world and creating opportunities for every stakeholder to live and work at their top potential.