Conference & Keynote Speaking

From staff meetings to annual gatherings to industry-focused conferences.

You’re committed to finding people who can bring fresh ideas and an engaging approach to your entire group. I’ll synthesize stories, research and thinking into a rich experience for your team. They’ll leave feeling excited and inspired to be the kind of people that create space for learning, growth, connection, and advancement.

“One of the best sessions I have ever attended…I had to go home and ponder much of what Daniel presented. His delivery is opinion changing.”

Suggested Topics:

Impact and Influence: The Power of Authentic Relationships


Effective leaders serve as the hub for dynamic relational networks, connecting and engaging all around them. But how do you become this kind of hub, and what kind of beliefs and behaviors are necessary for building these kinds of relational networks?

The Curious Leader: Asking Better Questions to Get Better Results


Answers, by definition, are the end of a journey. They're a stopping point for growth. Questions, though, carry us into and through a process of continued exploration, ideation, and development. So, how do we build a cultural model around question-asking?

Unpacking our Bias Backpacks: What's in There, and What does that Mean?


Unconscious bias is a trending topic right now, for sure. But learning how to mitigate it can be a challenging topic for those who have understood it as an indictment of their character rather than as an invitation into better. So, how do we shift that?

Redefining Diversity to Exercise Inclusion: How Reframing this Work Could be the key to getting it done


When we don't share a common vocabulary and set of values around the "diversity conversation" it's nearly impossible to create a shared vision about its impact. So, how do we reframe what we think we know and embrace the reality of what we don't yet know?

Trust-filled and Growth-focused: Making Space for Inclusive Culture


At the end of the day, it's all about organizational culture. Who we are, why we do what we do, and how we get it done are the questions that we must wrestle with as we seek to make our companies better places for everyone. So, how do we tackle such big questions?

Exposing the Zero-Sum Game: How to Create Win/Win Environments


For far too many people, every interaction, relationship, or meeting becomes a negotiation in which their win is positioned against another's loss. The reality is, though, as we develop trust and transparency we begin to see the win/win possibilities. So, how do we do that?