My ethos:

I am a space creator.


That companies and communities are expansive spaces – full of opportunity and belonging for all.


To create trust-filled and growth-focused spaces where everyone gets to get better.


To create space. Space for reflection and learning. For tough and tender conversations. For connection and relationship. Space for reshaping culture, refining vision, and redefining what’s possible. Space for impact. Space for change.


As a Space Creator I help you:

Change starts with individuals. Every leader, manager, and team member is invited and inspired to explore their who, their why, and their what’s next.

Stepping into the discomfort of tough conversations is hard. But embracing new perspectives allows us to shift from conflict to collaboration.

It’s not about us versus them; it’s about us. We acknowledge and own our shared challenges and opportunities with courage and conviction.

The power of “what’s possible if…” is compelling and palpable. We lean into and leverage that power when we dream beyond our current ruts, risks, and rewards.

At the end of the day, it’s about getting better. We empower and enable individual change-agents, and redesign organizational practices, policies, and procedures.

Accelerant Culture

When we think about creating this kind of space organizationally, we’re really talking about culture. And, when we start talking about culture, we’re opening a big conversation.

Are we a culture-fit or a values-fit space? A culture of product or a culture of process? Inclusive? Collaborative? Productive? Innovative? How do we know?

Is there a way to frame an organizational culture around question-asking rather than answer-giving? A way to invite everyone into the conversation rather than to simply indict those who aren’t “doing it right?”

There Is.

I call this model Accelerant Culture, and it’s a way of articulating, activating, and accelerating all of the good stuff that’s already in your organization toward what might help it become better. It’s about honoring where you came from without becoming resistant to continued evolution. 

This is about creating a space where everyone gets to get better.

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