Facilitation & Guided Dialogs

Sometimes the conversation you want to have, or want to create for your team, is a conversation that you want some help on.

Maybe you lack the content expertise, or the context of the larger idea, or maybe you’re simply just too close to the issue. I can create dialogue prompts, moderate a panel, or guide a full room through exercises and thinking, helping to move you from center-stage to participant.

“He created a safe, inclusive, and comfortable environment to dive deeply in conversation… [It’s a] space that allows individuals to feel comfortable to open up.

Suggested Topics:

Strategic ERG and BRG Functions


These employee-led groups can be awesome forces for change in an organization, or they can become social clubs that do little to affect impact. Worse still, they can re-silo our employees and create even more us versus them energy. How do we avoid this?

Sustainable Inclusion: Real Employee Engagement


At the end of the day, it's all about organizational culture. Who we are, why we do what we do, and how we get it done are the questions that we must wrestle with as we seek to make our companies better places for everyone. So, how do we tackle such big questions?

Mitigating Bias and Building Connection


Unconscious bias is a trending topic right now, for sure. But learning how to mitigate it can be a challenging topic. The real secret is "reversing" its flow, and getting a step ahead of our biased brains as we seek to connect with our peers and stakeholders.

Impact and Influence: The Power of Authentic Relationships


Effective leaders serve as the hub for dynamic relational networks, connecting and engaging all around them. But how do you become this kind of hub, and what kind of beliefs and behaviors are necessary for building these kinds of relational networks?

Race Relations / LGBTQ Advocacy / Etc


Sometimes, you just want to have an internal conversation about a topic you feel out of your depth in. You're not looking for an event or production, but you do want someone there who can provide some perspective, objectivity, and context.

Your Own Event


It's often the case moderating your own event bars you from fully participating in it, and sometimes you simply need the skill or objectivity of an external moderator. Let me know if you're planning an event and need support.