Training & Seminars

Let’s be honest - there are a lot of elephants in the room these days, and they’re not getting any less complicated to talk about.

From anti-harassment training to systemic racism to organizational culture-building coaching, and everything in between, I can help your team understand and embrace meaningful inclusion. Create an opportunity for real learning and growth by transforming a blasé training into a compelling, interactive experience.

“Daniel was extremely professional and responsive. He listened to what we were looking for, and tailored his discussion accordingly. He has a natural presentation style – professional, knowledgeable, and approachable.

Suggested Topics:

Redefining Diversity


When we don't share a common vocabulary and set of values around the "diversity conversation" it's nearly impossible to create a shared vision about its impact. So, how do we reframe what we think we know and embrace the reality of what we don't yet know?

Impact and Influence: The Power of Authentic Relationships


Effective leaders serve as the hub for dynamic relational networks, connecting and engaging all around them. But how do you become this kind of hub, and what kind of beliefs and behaviors are necessary for building these kinds of relational networks?

A Cultural Deep-Dive: Getting Serious about Creating an Accelerant Culture


Talking about culture can be fun and interesting, but leaning out of what's not working and into what could is reflective and vulnerable work. Explore the 4 moving parts of Accelerant Culture, a space of earnest question-asking and courageous listening.

Who Are We Anyway: Identifying and Articulating Our "Why"


As Simon Sinek says, "It all starts with why." Understanding who we want to be as an organization, why we do what we do, and how we want to get it done is a powerful growth catalyst, and one that many organizations are fully exercising.

Unpacking our Bias Backpacks


Unconscious bias is a trending topic right now, for sure. But learning how to mitigate it can be a challenging topic for those who have understood it as an indictment of their character rather than as an invitation into better. So, how do we shift that?

Strategic Inclusion and Leadership


At the end of the day, it's all about organizational culture. Who we are, why we do what we do, and how we get it done are the questions that we must wrestle with as we seek to make our companies better places for everyone. So, how do we tackle such big questions?